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How does Arkadin enable Skype for Business conferencing?

Arkadin makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues, customers, and partners with local, dial-in audio from anywhere in the world. Use local access numbers to connect directly to Skype for Business conferencing servers.

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Enjoy unlimited PSTN conferencing in real-time

Help your people be more productive

Skype for Business enables people to easily work from anywhere with an internet connection – via text messaging, with a call, with video, and with sharing content.

And it does it directly from Microsoft apps, like Outlook and PowerPoint, to let people communicate with context to get things done quickly.

More productive
One platform

Extend your reach with the simplicity of one platform

Skype for Business can connect you with anyone. Even people who are outside of your business can get the same amazing capabilities:

  • Add Skype-powered video calling to your customer portals
  • Gather any group of people in Skype for Business meetings
  • Share presence and instant access with any supplier, partner, or customer on Skype

Pay-as-you-grow licensing

Your license plan needs to be flexible and scalable to support your business as it grows. Skype for Business enables organizations to license users for PSTN conferencing and online meetings in a flat-rate, predictable model for global collaboration:

  • Monthly license per user rates
  • Easily add and remove users
  • Rapidly enable new workloads
  • Consolidate vendors and simplify administration
  • A single invoice for all voice communication
Eliminate complexity

Reduce complexity

Eliminate the need to use expensive third-party conferencing solutions for meetings with external clients. And experience hard savings, not soft productivity improvements:

  • Eliminate separate meeting services and PBX systems
  • Consolidate system management and cut down on your data center footprint

One service, many features


Dial-in audio conferencing

Provide local access dial-in phone numbers from 55+ countries directly into your Outlook meeting invites.


Dial-out audio conferencing

Add people to meeting by dialing a phone number, or join an audio meeting via phone or smart device.

Screen share

Screen share

Ensure your participants are on the same page by sharing your desktop, a specific application or presentation.

HD video

HD Video

Engage your audience with face-to-face interactions.


Skype meetings broadcast

Present and record to thousands of participants in real-time and on-demand viewing.

Advanced functionality

Advanced functionality

Recording, polling, and OneNote integration to ensure you capture attendee feedback for post meeting review and sharing.

Enjoy end-to-end migration and support

Eliminate third party conferencing providers with Skype for Business

Migrating mission-critical business apps requires expertise in planning, preparation, and project management. We have completed 400+ voice migrations and moved 14 million email inboxes into the Microsoft Cloud.

Why choose Arkadin for your conferencing needs?

  • Unlimited local, dial-in audio

  • No more per minute fees

  • Local access from 55+ countries

  • Live, end-user training

  • Pay-as-you-grow licensing

  • Consolidate vendors and contracts

  • Voice, video, and screen sharing

  • Single source global partner

  • Eliminate third party vendors

  • Simplify number of user apps

  • Day 2 support

  • Sell, plan, deploy, and support

  • Local and global deployments

  • One technology, one datacenter

  • 18+ years working with Microsoft

  • Official E5 launch partner

  • Microsoft Gold Communications Partner

  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

  • Fastest growing UC provider

  • Global offices in 30+ countries

  • Member of the NTT Group

Arkadin Total Connect. Your Online Office 365 Conferencing Provider.

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FAQ for Skype for Business conferencing

Yes. Skype meetings enable attendees to join via telephone or computer and speak with each other.
Local toll dial-in numbers from over 55 countries are included at no additional charge. Toll-free access is available for private Cloud deployments and it is charged per minute per connection.
Up to 250 attendees can join a Skype meeting.
Yes. Skype meetings have a mobile client that enables individuals to join via their mobile phone or tablet.
Yes. You can share your screen, a particular application or presentation (as a presenter).
Yes. Skype for Business provides you the ability to record integrated audio and web meetings to your desktop as the meeting host.
There are 55+ countries supported for local toll dial-in today – and this list will continue to expand.
Yes. Toll-free conferencing is purchased as packs of minutes.
Yes. Skype Broadcast supports larger meetings with more than 250 attendees.
Yes. Skype for Business supports real-time chat, audio control, and polling.