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How does Arkadin enable Skype for Business contact center?

Manage communications with your customers, employees, and business partners with Clarity Connect, the native Skype for Business contact center hosted in the Cloud by Arkadin.

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Enjoy contact center as a service

Native to Skype for Business

Clarity Connect is a contact center that is exclusively built for Lync and Skype for Business, extending its functionality rather than replacing or replicating it.

This approach allows us to take full advantage of Skype for Business, while ensuring that your users and support staff are not forced to learn an entirely new product.

Skype for Business
Expand reach

Expand your global reach

Clarity Connect can grow to meet the challenging demands of a global contact center without the need for cost-prohibitive hardware.

We fully leverage your Skype for Business to deliver a seamless solution that ensures resources are fully utilized regardless of where they are located. Whether after-hours or during inclement weather, agents can get online and support customers from home thanks to Clarity Connect provided by Arkadin.

CRM integration

Simplify the agent experience by reducing the number of apps they need open on their desktop by connecting our contact center to your existing CRM platform:

  • Clarity Connect provides out-of-the-box integration with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Provide agents with key information to resolve customer challenges faster with CRM data dips
  • Custom business apps integration to meet your future needs
Intelligent routing

Intelligent IM routing

Clarity Connect adds a powerful set of capabilities to help manage communications for internal groups or traditional contact centers.

You can now leverage your existing Skype for Business environment as a powerful help desk solution. Intelligently route instant messages with the ability to escalate voice calls, leverage desktop sharing, store transcripts of chats, and provide historical and real-time reporting data.

One service, many features


Real-time analytics

With real-time metrics at your fingertips from a powerful web-based analytics dashboard, you can respond to customer issues instantly in a proactive manner, creating a positive customer experience.

Help desk

Internal help desk

An online help desk has never been easier or more powerful. Use the full functionality of Skype for Business, but have the intelligence to route them to the right person the first time.

App integration

CRM integration

Looking to interact with or Microsoft Dynamics? We have deep integrations for these as well as the ability to interact with other third-party tools.

Web chat

Web chat

Adding web chat to your public facing website has never been easier. Expose new ways for your users to reach the experts inside your organization.

Intelligent routing

Intelligent routing

Clarity Connect works like Skype for Business does, powering remote agents and geo-dispersed groups to intelligently route calls to the right resource.



Reporting is available intra-day and provides powerful insight into everything from agent behavior to queue stats, contact center analytics, call flow navigation with heat maps, post-call and post-chat surveys, and more.

Enjoy end-to-end migration and support

Extend your Skype for Business features with Clarity Connect

We fully leverage your existing Skype for Business deployment to deliver a seamless contact center solution that ensures resources are fully utilized regardless of where they are located.

Why choose Arkadin for your contact center?

  • Mission-critical support

  • Intelligent skills-based routing

  • CRM integration

  • Chosen platform by Microsoft

  • Pay-as-you-grow licensing

  • Consolidate vendors and contracts

  • Focus on your core business

  • Single source global partner

  • In-house certified pre-sales engineers

  • In-house solution architects

  • Day 2 support

  • Sell, plan, deploy, and support

  • Local and global deployments

  • Extend your IT help desk

  • 18+ years working with Microsoft

  • Official E5 launch partner

  • Microsoft Gold Communications Partner

  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

  • Fastest growing UC provider

  • Global offices in 30+ countries

  • Member of the NTT Group

Skype for Business on the Arkadin Cloud Contact Center.

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FAQ for Skype for Business contact center

Skype for Business Voice (partner hosted or Microsoft hosted E5) delivers basic response groups however it does not provide the tools necessary to support enterprise contact center requirements (intelligent skills-based routing, reporting or advanced use cases). Clarity Connect bridges the gap by delivering enterprise contact center functionality native to Skype for Business.
There is no hardware required on the customer’s premise to deploy Clarity Connect with Arkadin. All hardware is 100% hosted in the Arkadin Cloud and delivered as a service.
Clarity Connect is native to Skype for Business and supports intelligent skills-based routing across IM, voice, web chat, and email.
Clarity Connect is delivered as a service with a per agent per month licensing model. There are different licenses based on the desired workloads (e.g., IM routing, voice routing, web chat). An Arkadin UC consultant is standing by to assist you with figuring out what licensing model will work best for you.
Yes. There is a wallboard that can be customized to display the desired statistics that you use to track activity within your contact center.
Yes. As an administrator or supervisor, you will have access to pull real-time reports to analyze your business and team performance.
Yes. Clarity Connect integrates out-of-the-box with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you currently use a different CRM, please contact Arkadin to discuss integration options.
Yes. Clarity Connect is native to Skype for Business and has been purpose-built as a contact center for Skype for Business.
Yes. Clarity Connect has the ability for supervisors to interact with agents while engaged with a customer in multiple ways to provide coaching and support.
Yes. Clarity Connect supports advanced call recording and all recordings are stored by default on the Clarity servers securely hosted in the cloud.